The Village of Etna is located in Sant’Alfio, Sant’Arfiu a Vara or Sant’Arfiu in the Sicilian language.


The historic center of the country, followed by narrow streets on which stand the most important buildings, almost maintains its initial characteristics.

The Chestnut of the Hundred Horses

Plurimillennial of chestnut tree (his age is between 3600 and 4000 years), located in Etna Park in Carpineto district.


Mungibeddu or 'a Muntagna' in the Sicilian language, is a volcanic complex originated in the Quaternary and represents the earth's highest active volcano of the Eurasian plate.

Etna Adventure Park

It is the largest and safest adventure park of Sicily with 11 trails and 82 workshops (games from tree to tree) to which are added 2 climbing walls.

Alcantara Gorges

Are of high gorges up to 25 meters wide and 2 meters in the narrowest and widest points 4-5 meters.

Fiumefreddo Reserve

is a natural reserve of Sicily, situated near the mouth of the river Fiumefreddo. The river is only 2 km long.

Planetarium of Zafferana

The Planetarium is a hemispherical structure able to observe the sky in all its details. It is the largest planetarium in Sicily and one of the largest in Italy.

Butterfly house (Viagrande)

Only structure of its kind in the whole of South Italy, is a large tropical greenhouse where hundreds of butterflies are free to fly.

Sartorius Mountains

The itinerary develops on the North-East side of Etna, in the area of Women Plan, near the Rifugio Citelli.

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