The Chestnut at Borgo dell'Etna - November 6, 2016

In the period of San Martino could not miss it at Borgo Castagne it wine.

The Honeydew at Village of Etna - October 2, 2016

The increasingly hectic pace of work make us forget the facts solar rhythms of the Sun Culture and Nature. The same one that gives us unique fruits and wonderful as our apple.

Minstrels of ancient myths - August 27, 2016

On August 27, the Village of Etna will welcome you in a magical atmosphere to share with friends and family the thrill of a live show and to follow, under the starry sky, a dinner with friends to sample some traditional country dishes!

The Cherries at the Village of Etna - June 5, 2016

The village of Etna, is an old building, where grapes were harvested, transformed into must and then into wine, through the ancient extant millstone. This year valorizzeremo green hectares with the transformation of the fruit into jam. The protagonist will be our cherry! You can pick it up in person, with a guided experience, tasting Bigarò and Durone directly from the ...

Hike at sunset, taps of 1928, the cunsato bread and good company - April 30, 2016

An excellent chance for those who do not appreciate the wake-up call early but loves the mountain… a trekking through noccioleti easily and chestnut woods, homes in ancient lavica stone walls and dry. A farming landscape without equal that will lead us to the evocative igneous apparatus of 1928 that has marked the heavy destroying Mascali territory. We will be on the jump some Ripa Naca where we will enjoy, plus the coastal view of the Jonian from Syracuse to Taormina.

Young man - 30 23 On Saturday and January 2016

For the young man Cycle .. You Take Down your Taboo. He pays the night's just like! Dinner, breakfast Game and we offer them… and for free if you win back to sleep!

the Mouths of 1928, the Etna cunsato and bread - Sunday 27 Decembers 2015

Interesting trip between homes in ancient lavica stone walls and dry, along the great noccioleti and chestnut woods, until the evocative igneous apparatus of 1928.

Hike up the Etna of the pupils of the 3° Medium of the ICS Gabriele D'Annunzio of Motta S. Anastasia Motta - 15 December 2015

Nature, history, astronomy and knowledge of the territory: targets are these that prof.ssa Giovanna Cavallaro, referring to environmental Education of secondary school of the rank of the state comprehensive School “Gabriele D’Annunzio” of Motta! S. Anastasia, he intends to join in the project “Etna: the volcano and the man”, turned the pupils of the third year of junior high school to dissect A, B, C, ed E.

Ripa tour of the Etna Naca (1928) Eruption and editing Association membership Stars and Atmosphere - November 2015

In a nice typically fall day it is walked the trails that lead to the mouths of the eruption of the Etna 1928 Mascali that destroyed by some Ripa Naca near Fornazzo-S. Alfio.

Monti Sartorius Castagnata and to the Village of the Etna - Novembber 8, 2015

Do the recent weather events strength, by suggestion of the technical department at the hall of Fiumedinisi and cancel the Flat of trekking Margi ..... what to do.? You go home...? Ever!!!!! The synergy in Sicily Tours and the Village Of the Etna deliver this new event for you!

The Honeydew to the Village of the Etna - October 2015

A wonderful experience for large and small. A native, natural apple variety really exists on the slopes of the Etna will be the star of this event.

The Kids of the Etna - 2010

The Kids of the Etna, a cultural folk- group of Catania, have a most plentiful list that proposes, wearing a faithful rebuild the colourful costumes, traditional attitudes, dances and songs of work, love and party until the second half of the 1800’s, making them to relive and live.

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