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The suite, the PUPI has three rooms (Angelic, Orlando, Rinaldo), for a total of 7 beds and is equipped with services. The names given the rooms are returning the champions of France of the popular epic drama that in Sicily in the first half of the 1800, reached his utmost splendour.

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At Village of the Etna is possible to find barbecue, parlour games, cards, reading room and TV and all that is necessary to make Your stay more comfortable and fun. The structure is an internal parking. The Village of the Etna stays open all year.


The Opera the Pupi (Òpra dî Pupi, in the Sicilian language) is a kind of theatre of the puppets, whose protagonists are Carlo Magno and his champions who the most famous Orlando, Rinaldo. The deeds of these characters are processed through the rework the material contained in novels and the poems of the carolingio cycle, by the puppets, say exactly pupi (in the Sicilian language "pupazzi").

The Opera the Pupi affirmed in southern Italy and especially in Sicily in the second half of the Century XIX and the first half of the XX. Rich fancy and carved with a wooden structure, the pupi had some real armour and several movements in the middle school or from Palermo and Catania belongings. The obvious difference was in the joints: bright and early snodabili (but difficult to manoeuvre), heavier and fixed with second (arts but the simplest ones) manoeuvre.

The puparo cured the show, the scenarios, the pupi, and with a stamp of particular voice he could give suggestions, ardour and pathos represented to the epic scenes. The pupari, although you are often very illiterates, knew works by heart like: the Chanson de Roland, Jerusalem freed and Orlando furious, the most represented works in.

The event that mainly on stage and tell is the Orlando In love, where is narrated the story of Angelic, the wonderful princess of Cathay, and Orlando, the finest champion of France that falls in love with the princess.

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